Previous Conferences

The Heritage and Cultural Landscape Research Group of the University of the Basque Country has organized the following conferences:

1. International Conference “The Archaeology of early medieval villages in Europe”, November 2008 (edition)

2. International Conference “Radiocarbon dates of historical sites”, July 2009 (edition)

3. International Conference “Vasconia in Early Medieval period, 450-1000”, March 2010 (video edition)

4. International Conference “Horrea, barns and silos. Storage and incomes in early medieval villages“, June 2011 (video edition)

5. International Conference “Archaeology of farming and husbandry in Early Medieval Europe“, November 2012  (video edition)

6. International Conference “Identities and Funerary Archaeology in Iberia, 5th-8th century“, October 2013  (video edition)

7. International Conference “Demography, Paleopathology and Social Inequality in Northern Iberia in medieval times“, November 2014  (video)

8. Conference “Archaeology of Social Inequality in North-western Iberia in the Early Medieval period”, June 2015, in the framework of the 5th International Medieval Meeting Lleida


Most of the proceedings have been published in the Serie “Documentos de Arqueología Medieval” edited by the Basque Country University Press.